Firstly I want to thank each and everyone of our visitors for taking your time out to visit our website! We are a brand new Final Fantasy VII website where we are focused on bringing you the latest news, reviews and rumours coming out for the new remake of Final Fantasy VII.

We focus on providing our visitors with the latest news for the up coming remake, as well as personal blog articles with our feelings on the game and what we want and dont want to happen.We also will be providing our users with a community forum in the near distant future.

We plan to have our message board up and running for Christmas and we hope that we can develop our ever growing community more. We currently have a pretty active facebook page which can be found here.

Around 8 years ago I (the admin) used to run a pretty successful Final Fantasy Fansite back in the day called I am now a lot older and a full time web developer working for a bank however when the news broke that there was a FF7 Remake now on the cards that young boy inside of me screamed with happiness! For most people FF7 was the first RPG game they played and most will tell you the effect it has on you.

So I just HAD to open a new Final Fantasy Website go back to my old roots… its much more fun than making websites for a bank every day :).I hope you enjoy the website and are up for a long 3 year journey with us until the new FF7 Remake comes out.