So recently me and my friend were talking about the Final Fantasy VII Remake and discussing certain scenes which may or may not appear. Judging by the new FF7Remake trailer the team making the game are pulling out all the stops to make sure this is a huge hit! Graphically this game is going to be incredible when it debuts first on the PlayStation 4 (hopefully not to long away).

My friend was talking about how they will loose some of Final Fantasy VII’s charm with a remake, as the game will be designed with graphics which will look to modern to get away with some of the fun themes of the original game. I disagreed at first until I went back and watched the trailer. The way it is presented and the manor in which the narator talks through makes me believe this game will be more serious and darker than the original game.

I mean can you seriously imagine Cloud going on a Date with Barret at the Golden Sourcer? Whilst I have no doubt they will still keep some of the ‘fun’ elements there and they will try their best not to break the hearts of dire hard fans, they will undoubtedly have to cut certain bits.

Below I will list some of the high contenders on the list which I feel wont make it to the remake.

1). Don Corneo’s Mansion

It has been confirmed that Cloud Strife will DRESS UP as a girl in the remake. However I suspect the process in which he has to do it will change. I dont think we will have our Hero run around doing mini games/quests to try get items of clothing to then dress like a girl. During the original game the Mansion was guarded and it was just you and Aeirth walking around, yet with the remake I suspect Cloud will be walking around with his massive buster sword and I dont think it will look believable for the audience as he is turned away at the door to start earning items to dress like a girl.

Whilst I think the Hunnybee inn will still make an appearance I believe that whole sub plot will be a lot darker and not as funny as the original story line.

2). Dolphin & Cloud

This is another storyline which I expect will be changed slightly. I dont think that they could pull of Cloud being sent into the air on top of a dolphin and also when he does the kiss of life. I suspect this storyline will still be here but changed ever so slightly as it just wont be believable enough to see with updated graphics on the Playstation 4.

3). Shinra HQ Infiltration

Whilst this storyline wont be cut from the game, I expect the execution of this to be different. I dont think we will have control of our hero’s trying to climb up the recently destroyed sector to gain access to the Shrina HQ, and I suspect this will be done by a video/cut scene for us to watch.

I also believe the different mini quests we had inside of the shinra buildings will be different to the original. I think we can kiss goodbye to the mini game of running in between pillars to avoid the guards sight, and I also think that gaining key card for each floor will be done differently.

I fully expect the same outcome though of our hero’s with them escaping Midgar on the car and bike and also how Rufus Shinra escapes by Helicopter mid battle.

I also think the boss fight in the elevator might be cut or shot differently.

4). Cloud pretending to be in the parade

I dont think this mini game is going to make the cut either. Probably one of the more infuriating parts of the original game was trying to get a near perfect score on this game for better items. I dont think they would be able to pull this of with updated graphics and a more adult theme to the game. I may be wrong though!

5). The Midgar Train journey

This was a really cool scene in the original game. Running from one side of a train to the other to escape being locked in a train. Something like this will happen in the remake but I figure it will be in a video clip / cut scene. I just dont think you could get away with a HD remake and have them the main character run around from one train cart to the other.

Those are the 5 main plots/scenes which I feel we may miss out on or shot completely different with the new FF7Remake. If you feel I have missed some key scenes which surely will be cut then please leave your comments letting me know what I have missed out on and I may update the list.

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