If you are reading this blog then the likelihood is you are a pretty big fan of Final Fantasy VII and are equally buzzing for the remake! For years all I was interested in was a remake of the original game with updated graphics but the core gameplay staying the same. Having said that, it is now 2018 and gaming has changed. Turn based RPGs are almost a thing of the past and with the success of Final Fantasy 15 I believe certain changes are a must for the game to be a success.

Below you will find a list of all the changes which I believe would make the remake a great experience for us all…be warned it is my opinion so if your a FF7 Purist please try not to get to triggered!

1). Explore Midgar

Midgar is the capital city and power base of the Shinra Electric Power Company in the world of Gaia. In the original game we only got to see a fraction of the size of Midgar as we were only allowed access to a few areas. I think it would be fantastic if we were allowed to visit all the sectors in the game. It would be a great location to find side quests and have a whole trading district and armour/weapon crafting shops.

2). Let the game be multiplayer

A controversial one, however those who have played the borderlands series will know how good it cane be when teaming up with a friend to play the game with. I would have two versions of the game. A local 1player version of the game and then the option to play with friends. Basically you would have one save with your friends and they can logon you would decide who plays as Cloud and then the rest of your friends can pick from the available Characters. It would be hard to pull this version of the game off however if done correctly could make this one of the best features for the remake!

3). More mini games

I want them all. All the original games plus more. I dont care how unrealistic it looks or if the developers think it will take to long to do, the mini games were some of the best things in the original game to kill time. I want the chocobo races exactly how they were in the original  (maybe even incorporate an online chocobo racing in game?). I would also like some new mini games if possible.

4). Create a new system for levelling/professions & skills

Keep the original FF7 Materia system but lets adapt it! Love this and this should be pivotal to the game when the FF7Remake comes out. However I do think they need to do more with the general levelling and allow our characters to improve in other skills, weapons and magic as well as learning professions. How good would it be if our characters could craft weapons and armour or cook for our team to get better stats.

I loved the Final Fantasy 10 Sphere Grid system and something like that I think would be great if they could match this with how materia worked.

5). Keep DLC to a minimum

I am only putting this here as it is so obvious that DLC (downloadable content) will be in the game its best to just accept it and hope they dont go to overboard.

I dont want to see any revive Aeirth addons or anything that is core to the original game available to buy (like Vincent & Yuffie as characters). If they want to do DLC then keep it low key such as costume changes (like clouds 1st class Solider outfit or Cait Sith fighting as his true character Reeve Tuesti) or even allow players to buy credits for the Golden Saucer to play the mini games. Just please… dont ruin the game with ridiculous DLC.

One DLC I would love though would be if the game is a roaring success and everyone loves it then to bring out a DLC for Advent Children which will continue the story..or even a Turk only storyline?

6). Achievements

As an old school World of Warcraft player I loved achievements in the game. I would love it if they added 500+ achievements which could unlock extras such as costume changes, different vehicles for transport/chocobo’s and much more. It would be great for them to re create the difficult boss fights such as ruby and emerald weapon and have them give the player achievements.

7). Let us control sub-characters

There are moments in the game where our main roaster of characters of joined by supporting characters on our quests. Take for example the beginning bombing mission when Cloud is joined with Biggs, Wedge & Jessie. It would give so much more to those sub characters development if we could control them in battle and have them help our team.

So thats the end of this blog for this week! What other changes would you like to see in the FF7Remake? Please leave your comments below and lets get a discussion started!

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