So when it comes to Final Fantasy VII everyone knows how amazing the score was. The music produced by Nobuo Uematsu was absolutely genius and without his input the game would not be as amazing as it was today!

Having said that..when it comes to the Remake no one has really mentioned the music yet, it has all been about the gameplay and wether or not the game will be episodic. Below you will find a list of some of my absolute favourite tracks from the original game..I just hope they do it justice with the FF7Remake!

Cids Theme

Highwind takes to the skies

Final Fantasy VII – Main Theme [HQ]

Final Fantasy VII – Costa Del Sol [HQ]

Final Fantasy VII – Flowers Blooming in the Church [HQ]

I for one hope they give us the option of switching back at anytime for the original music in game. Imagine having brand new graphics and a world class remake with our classic midi songs 🙂 I Would love it!

There you have it! Just a few of my favourites for a quick weekend blog! What songs are you looking forward to being remade/remastered for the FF7Remake?

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