Final Fantasy VII is renown for some of its legendary boss fights and we cant wait to tackle them in the FF7Remake. As many of you know from our community on facebook I dont want any changes for the remake when it is finally announced however taking my nostalgic head of for a second I believe that some of the boss fights could be amazing if remade correctly.

Below you can find a list of some of the boss fights which I am most looking forward to tackling when FF7Remake is finally here!

Safer Sephiroth

Arguably one of the most iconic villains in gaming history and with a bad-ass final form the Sephiroth fight is going to be one of the greatest moments in the FF7Remake. I do wonder how they are going to do his over-the-top summon supernova which was a nightmare to deal with back in the day. This is one fight I cant wait for!

Ruby Weapon

A boss which I shamefully admit I have never managed to kill. Ruby weapon is going to be an absolute beast in the remake. Ruby boasts some outrageous game mechanics in the original Final Fantasy VII, and I am not quite sure how they are going to pull this one off. I wonder how they are going to deal with Ruby’s ability to remove a party member from battle or how the player will get access to fight him? Regardless this is one optional boss not to be missed!

Demons Gate

One of the hardest bosses in the original game yet was only on disk 1! Demon Gate was a nightmare if you hadn’t trained your party strong enough. If you havent got enough potions or remedies to cure petrifaction then this fight was almost unbearable. I can remember on my 1st ever play through I had to abandon my save and go back almost 5 hours of game play and start training my team again and stocking up on the reagents this fight needs! Having said that.. if you were strong enough it was an easy enough fight! I wonder how they will remake this fight on the FF7Remake? Beause you wont be able to have a floating wall like on the original game and the mechanics of the remake will allow us move around as much as possible so it will be interesting to see how this is brought to life. Such a painful boss fight ><.


One of the funniest characters and a memorable boss fight, palmer is going to be one heck of a hard boss to remake. With our characters having massive swords and guns we fight this little fat dude outside Cid’s house who only has a gun. I imagine with this fight they will probably pair him with some shrina goons to make the fight harder. I hope this is not one battle which will get cut (I have wrote a blog which outlines a few scenes which may get cut from the remake you can read here).

There are so many other boss fights which are going to be interesting with the FF7Remake. Let me know in the comments below which boss fight you are looking forward to and why!


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